i want company more than company wants me

Doip.: (A)dorn (M)e of the (O)ctopi (R)ace.


The octopus of happiness, processed and kept track

Oh, the things I would do to get those eight limbs back

I was happy having all the rapture with my friends

I was happy making music apart from the trends

I was happy with my company causing ruckus

I was happy with the girls who…

Fuck this shit

I’m scared I truly am. I’m scared of the future and what I’ll become. I want to just let go and fall off the cliff of life and let the winds of destiny take me. But I can’t because I know I’d sink through the air like a sinking ship. I’d be unable to change my mistakes. This is what I hate so much about life there is no real second chances because life is linear. I have become nothing more then a cog in  a machine. A cog that is expected to work properly and if I don’t I’m discharged and thrown out. Wishing to be able to fly to space. There I could rule and be happy for a change. I could invite all my friends and we could explore the universe together. But I can’t as I’m just sitting here hoping for a better life. A life where dreams are real to me. Where I can fly and I always the good guy. Then I’m woken up to fight the monster of life. Each day is a new battle. A new test of my limits. A new reason for suicide. Most days I rise victorious, but the ones I lose are the ones I remember. And I’m tired of remembering the sadness. I can’t wait for nothing.   

I see the world

The world as it truly is

The world of darkness

The world filled with hate

The world made of lies

I want to shut my eyes to this world

Although I appear to be a coward

Unable to let myself close them

Afraid of what would happen

Afraid of the pain it’ll cost

Afraid to take my life

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Land of Wonder: NoseCandy


I’m swaying back and forth upon this alternating ocean of Apathy and Hate

Stopping every once in a while on islands bearing castles of mirrors and windows

The mirrors haunt my being because of their presentation of my reflection

The windows ignite my anger and envy, and open the gates of…

PLEASE DOWNLOAD! Rainbow Spaceman EP. Composed by Lucas Costa
I have so much to say, but I don’t know how to say it.